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Santorini Sunsets

Is there a better way than to watch the sunset in Santorini ?!

If you’re interested in this little beautiful Greek island, then you should consider reading this blog post!

The colours blue and white defines this place! This makes it so relaxing and peaceful in its own way! The place has beautiful restaurants, nice hotels and people there seem so friendly.

The little streets there in the village of Thira are amazing take a look of how cozy and beautiful they look this feature is a big part of Santorini when you see it for the first time you'll notice!

The Moni Profiti Llia monastery is worth a visit beauty found in every corner! We enjoyed our time there taking photos as the views around it are incredible!

Once you reach the tip of the island you can witness the beautiful sunset where you can see this view in the pictures below.

Most people will want to go to the famous place where everyone takes pictures there it’s in the village of Oia kikladhes. You walk through multiple shops around the street in this village and you find a small road that leads to this place where you can take pictures.

One of the restaurants we visited was Metaximas it was a delicious evening! It’s good to try this one! Below is a picture of where you can sit and have a fantastic view from the top!

One of the best features of our holiday was the hotel (Petite Palace Santorini)my husband found it online and searched the hotel on instagram! It was lovely and the scenery is very much like the instagram pictures we saw if not even better! The breakfast was one of the best! very varied and on spot, the room on the other hand was small but other than that it was perfect! There are some pictures we took at the hotel!

In Thira also there were many beautiful restaurants with a nice view on the beach where you can enjoy the view and have a delicious healthy Greek meal!

Last thing don't forget to visit ancient Thira its an amazing place of history!

It requires a fair amount of hiking to reach most of the old city! this picture was taking there!

If you’re looking for all this above you should visit Santorini!

One of the things you might like to do is to visit off season! It might be that all of the famous summer restaurants are not the same ,but it adds a bit of excitement as it has less tourists and more quite and peaceful places to see! Off season times are considered to be from March-May or September-October.

Bon voyage! :-)

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