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Dear travel lovers! Hope you're having a fabulous day! Looking for some travel inspiration? A new journey? Take a read!

Watching beautiful sunsets, going to the beach and visiting beautiful cultural places in Malta is fantastic. It feels very warm and sweet. People there seem to be warm hearted and very family oriented! its also a financially affordable trip with many good choices of hotels and resort. A lot of ways to transport and commute around the city!

Would you like to read more and see more pictures of Malta?! If yes then keep reading!!

Victoria, Mellieha,Gozo and kemmuna are the places we visited during our trip! Have a look at our gallery on instagram for detailed info!

Mellieha has nice beaches and a it's a village where you can relax and enjoy the sea! You can get a fairy to the other places like the lagoon and enjoy the caves around Comino where you can rent a speed boat to have fun!

Victoria in the Gozo island has the beautiful city nice streets and restaurants and lively atmosphere and culture with nice churches to view!

You don't need to rent a car you can transfer using buses and ferries!

If you're looking for cultural relaxing city type of holiday then visit Malta and plan your trip to visit this island as a whole for a full experience of all and if not then choose one of them!

Enjoy our gallery! And feel free to ask questions!

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