Getaway from Dubai

Such a view is not expected to be seen in the UAE! But if you live in Dubai and would like a little road trip that leads to a magical view then keep reading this blog!

About one hour and a half away lies this little place called Hatta! Once you reach there you will get to see the transformation from desert land to mountains!

You can do kayaking and some other water sports in this place. Take a look at the view and feel how relaxing it was especially that it lies just a few hours away from this busy beautiful city! It's a perfect weekend getaway for people who live in Dubai.

when it's cloudy!

After this beautiful view you could just go to Hatta Heritage Village where you would see the heritage of this culture!

Some Arabic nicely designed living room! A beautiful full little village! Take a look!

Hatta is a great getaway from Dubai on the weekend! You might get a chance to discover more there if you stay longer than we did and might want to visit Oman next! ;)

Let me know if you have been to other places in Hatta? and share your experience with us!

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